Disclaimer: This program is not a new standard or regulation, and creates no new legal obligations. It is intended to help raise employers’ awareness of the impact of occupational injuries and illnesses on profitability. The average claim cost estimates used in “AIC ROI Calculator” are provided by National Council on Compensation Insurance, Inc. (NCCI). The data reflects the average cost of lost time workers’ compensation insurance claims derived from unit statistical reports submitted to NCCI for policy years 2009-2011. NCCI makes no guarantees nor assumes any responsibility for the accuracy of or any results obtained through the use of the NCCI data provided through this tool. NCCI’s information and data may not be used or copied in any manner except as provided in conjunction with the OSHA website tool, “AIC ROI Calculator.” Information entered into the form fields is not captured by OSHA. The system is not programmed to capture or relay any information entered or calculated by the worksheet. For additional information on the data and calculations used in “AIC ROI Calculator,” see Background of the Cost Estimates below for more information.

OSHA Background of Cost Estimates

NSC publishes the annual statistical compendium on unintentional injuries and deaths.

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