Cultivate excellence and educate your teams with a flexible and automated training program that scales as you grow. AIC offers an expansive and constantly growing library of E-Learning, virtual reality, and transitional reality content with hundreds of titles that engage your teams on the go and at their desktops. Harness an LMS that empowers you and your trainers to track and manage your instructor led programs and distribute your safety training content with ease. Prepare instructors, administer training, and auto assign courses with one click. Monitor the trajectory of your teams as they grow and learn on track based curriculum designed to educate and develop job skills.  Stay up to date with upcoming trainings, requirements, refresher training, certifications, and expirations all through real time Key Performance Indicators and reports. Most importantly, through our unlimited training model, you can eliminate budgetary discussions and focus on educating and empowering your employees and contractors to achieve the highest levels of safety and compliance. 

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