Cultivate excellence and educate your teams with a flexible and automated training program that scales as you grow. AIC offers an expansive and constantly growing library of E-Learning, virtual reality, and transitional reality content with hundreds of titles that engage your teams on the go and at their desktops. Harness an LMS that empowers you and your trainers to track and manage your instructor led programs and distribute your safety training content with ease. Prepare instructors, administer training, and auto assign courses with one click. Monitor the trajectory of your teams as they grow and learn on track based curriculum designed to educate and develop job skills.  Stay up to date with upcoming trainings, requirements, refresher training, certifications, and expirations all through real time Key Performance Indicators and reports. Most importantly, through our unlimited training model, you can eliminate budgetary discussions and focus on educating and empowering your employees and contractors to achieve the highest levels of safety and compliance. 

Dynamic E-Learning Courses

Applications International Corporation offers our partners a robust catalog of on-demand courses designed to meet most industry standards. For specialized requirements, our e-learning team is prepared to create custom e-learning courses to meet most unique training needs. Our courses are only a small aspect of our custom Learning Management System (LMS). Our powerful Key Performance Indicator Dashboard and customized reporting solution provides more than simply a checklist of compliance- we provide training professionals important metrics scalable from the organizational level to the most remote location to ensure the highest levels of regulatory compliance as well as career progression for every employees.
Last year, we added 50 new innovative and interactive E-Learning courses with the content driven by our stakeholders. Custom content is also available, and our library is always growing. If you are looking for a dynamic solution for your training needs, we invite you to schedule a demonstration to learn more about how The One Global Platform will take your training to the next level. Please see the sample below to see the kind of high-quality E-Learning content we can create.
Please feel free to browse our currently available course list, or enquire about custom E-Learning content if what you need is not listed below. 

Immersive Virtual Reality and Transitional Reality Training

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In addition to traditional E-Learning content, we also provide high quality virtual reality and desktop gaming training courses. These intuitive courses have been shown to increase safety and competency and significantly cut costs. Please contact us for a demo or visit trainPOINT.com for more info. 

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One of a Kind LMS with Detailed Metrics

Supercharge your organization’s training program with engaging content that leverages cutting-edge technology and gamified, immersive training. AIC and trainPOINT provides your company with a robust library of xAPI content, Transitional Reality, and Virtual Reality courses. The AIC Learning Management System provides you the best training platform at the industry’s best value. Reach your corporate goals and maximize your training budget by visiting our website and requesting a demonstration today!

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