Maintain compliance, isolate, and manage outbreaks with Infectious Disease Monitoring in your One Global Platform. Leverage QR codes for mobile friendly self-attestation customized to your local health mandates.  Unlimited user access means each location can manage your corporate COVID policy while staying in line with local regulations. Allow employees to submit vaccination records confidentially and integrate with governmental and private healthcare systems for flexible data collection. Empower your employees to submit required COVID tests on a timely basis through a private employee portal, or manage them at the administrator level. Request and monitor vaccine exemptions privately and effectively. Escalate COVID-19 and other infectious outbreaks to your safety committee or other employee groups immediately with the highest level of security. Seamlessly create and move positive case records with one click for easy regulatory reporting and up to date OSHA 300 logs. Automate reports based off surges and hot spots and slice, dice and dashboard your data to bring transparency and awareness to your health and safety program.

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