AIC Enhancement: OSHA 300A CSV (Print Multiple), Picklist Loader & more!

We are excited to announce some new updates that have been released to the application and are NOW AVAILABLE to you with no additional fee or download necessary.

JSA Module Updates:

  • New Case List Report within the Report Builder
    • This custom report will allow you to include any/all fields from your JSA Records into one report with customizable column headers
  • Custom Fields
    • The ability to add custom fields onto the JSA Form is now available. If you are interested in this, please let the AIC Support Team know and we will provide you with the custom fields template.
  • New Fields:
    • Severity Consequence Matrix – Hazard Details input form
    • Corrective Actions – Hazard Details input form

OSHA Log (Print Multiple):

  • A new Grid Button has been added to enable generation of multiple OSHA 300 A location logs in one CSV file. Eliminate manual processes even further with AIC’s one-stop OSHA 300 A CSV generation tool! Enable this new grid button within your Profile Security Form at any time.

Picklist Loader:

  • Ability to mass upload picklist values into the application at your leisure! Enable this new grid button within the Profile Security Form at any time.
    • See below for a list of all Module Items this new grid button is available for
      • Body Part
      • Experience with Task
      • Failure in System
      • Injury Event
      • Injury Source
      • Job Factors
      • Nature of Injury
      • Object/Substance
      • Personal Factors
      • Unsafe Acts
      • Unsafe Conditions
      • Work Areas
      • Work Shift

If you do not currently license this solution and are interested in a demonstration, please visit our contact page.