What is ESG?

Environmental Social Governance

Many companies have begun to implement new safety and environmental protocols designed to expand protection beyond their employees, but to also include subcontractors, customers, and suppliers. These protocols encompass the protection and preservation of natural resources and the Earth for future generations.

Develop and provide sustainable waste management solutions

Continuously reduce the carbon environmental footprint

Maintain superior regulatory compliance

Promote a culture of safety which results in zero injuries

Develop teams that reflect the communities in which we operate

Demonstrate a continual focus on meaningful disclosure

Reporting requirements on these efforts is beginning to come into focus as the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) announced rulemaking related to the disclosure of information pertaining to actual and potential impacts related to the company’s identified climate-risks, as well as, disclosure requirements related to direct and indirect greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. These emissions fall into three classifications:


Direct GHG emissions (emissions from sources that are owned or controlled by the company.)


Indirect GHG emissions (emissions from purchased electricity and other forms of energy.)


GHG emissions from both upstream & downstream activities (emissions resulting from the company, but occur from sources not owned by the company.)

Commitments & Goals For 2022

As these new protocols are implemented performance indicators and targets will need to be set to determine if the plan is achieving its goals. Data inputs and analysis will be required to track key performance indicators to determine if the plan is on target. Successful management of these goals and compliance with reporting requirements requires the implementation of a robust and flexible EHS data management platform that can meet both internal and externally driven objectives and requirements.

Recycle 1 million pounds of aerosols

Maintain voluntary turnover at 12% or lower

Achieve preventable vehicle accident rate at or below one incident per million miles

93% pass rate for agency inspections

Launch Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) Committee

Demonstrate year-over-year improvement of OSHA TRIR < 1.55, DART < 0.80, LTIR < 0.40

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