AIC Enhancement – New Grid Column, Form Actions & Features!


We have released several new enhancements that are now available within Training and Production! This includes new features that can be utilized at any time.


New Grid Columns!

  • Observation Module > Answered Observations Module Item
    • Client Grid Column
      • Easily enabled at the profile level, the new client grid column will display a client [if chosen] during the observation.
    • Observation ID Grid Column
      • This column will display the unique id associated to the answered observation. Streamlining the process to compare and look up answered observations by using the unique identifier.
  • All Incidents Module > All Incidents Module Item
    • Employee Number Grid Column
      • Similar to the Injury and Illness Module, This will populate with the selected employee (who was selected when the record was created) unique employee number to aid in searching for cases by employee in the future.
  • Administration Module > Deleted Cases Module Item
    • Deleted By Grid Column
      • This will show First Name Last Name of the User who deleted the record.

New Form Actions!

  • Environmental Metrics Module
  • Ship Date Required
    • Choose if you would like to require the waste ship date for your user profiles, this can be made required or not required per profile!
  • General Liability Module
  • Hide/Show ‘Was This Incident Preventable?’
    • Hide or display the existing field found on the general Details Main Tab in General Liability for: Was This Incident Preventable?

New Feature!

  • Acitivity Calendar Module > All Corrective Actions Search Grid
  • View the entire corrective action text!
    • Simply click the new dropdown icon next to the description to display the entire corrective action text within the all corrective actions search grid.


Are you interested in learning more? AIC offers complimentary training, as well as a helpful catalog of system how-to’s and resources within the Tools Module > Tutorials Module Item. Reach out to us if you would like to schedule training or if you have any questions, we are happy to help!