AIC Enhancement: New login page redesign is NOW AVAILABLE!

AIC is excited to announce that our new login page redesign is NOW AVAILABLE! Please see below for the new features included in this enhancement.


  1. New Form & Interface
    • The Login Page has been upgraded into our new format in which you can customize text as well as change the background color. This is all customized by the System Administrators within the Administration Module > Custom Login PageNEW Module Item.
      • Admins can customize the themeNEW (color) of the login page. This will be system wide for all users of the application.
      • Message TextNEW within the bottom of the login page for Admins to modify at any given time for news and events coming up that your Users may need to be made aware of.
      • News! AIC will be using this section for coming soon and now available enhancements of the application.
  2. Logos
    • Your Company Logo will display on the left.
  3. Single Sign On
    • This redesign may not affect you with Single Sign On however will be visible on your Training (sandbox) Site.
  4. Languages
    • All Languages will be available to select on the login screen prior to login.
  5. Password RequirementsNEW
    • All Passwords will be case sensitive
  6. Forgot Password
    • A CodeNEW will now be sent to you via email when selected ‘retrieve password’. Once you have been given the code, you will enter your code within the reset code feature which will then allow you to change your password to login using the requirements mentioned above.
  7. Training E-Learner Password
    • The E-Learner Username/Password will now be masked within the E-Learner Instructions PDF Form. You will receive a CodeNEW that can be entered upon login to change your Password to be unique.

Feel free to reach out to the AIC Support Team on any questions. The group webinar training invite has been sent to all system administrators for the dates 12/12 and 12/14, please contact your system administrator for more information on the group webinar!

Happy Holidays,

Breanne Ederer on behalf of AIC Support