AIC Enhancement: Corrective Action Redesign for BBS Observations

We are proud to announce that the newly redesigned Corrective Action form is now available for BBS Observations! The new Corrective Action form is also available in the Evaluation module and all Incident Management modules.

Corrective Action Redesign for BBS Observations *NEW

  • This newly upgraded form and functionality will replace all existing/new corrective action forms moving forward within the BBS Observations Module.
  • The new form will also appear updated within the Activity Calendar for corrective actions assigned through the BBS Observations Module.
  • Assign corrective actions to multiple responsible people using the Group Action Item functionality from one easy to use form.
    • including ability to complete one action item as a group
    • including ability to complete individual action items
  • Tie corrective actions to Type, Priority, Severity Consequence Matrix, and Cost.
  • Schedule automated reoccurrences.
  • Add your own custom fields.

bbs corrective action redesign

Observation Completed Custom Alert *NEW

  • Set up as either an End of Day Summary or Immediate alert.
  • Alert will be triggered when the Complete button has been selected on the Observation Answer Form.


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