AIC Enhancement: NOW AVAILABLE – Dashboard & Reporting Updates!

AIC is excited to announce that the following enhancements are now available within your Dashboard Indicators and Report Builder!

Dashboard – New Data Comparison Indicator

This new indicator type will enable system administrators to set up a single indicator with multiple comparison fields for a Year (Current Year) to (Previous) Year Comparison.

Dashboard – New Regulatory Compliance

The Regulatory Compliance Module is now available within your Corporate and/or Personal Scorecards. Our new feature offers a visual representation that gives businesses a quick and easy way to view their company’s performance in real-time. This new feature helps decision makers track all Permits & Requirements. This new feature will display any and all of the associated Permits and Requirements data related to Regulatory Compliance.

Dashboard & Report Builder – New Date Ranges

The ‘Last Number of Months’ and ‘Last Number of Years’ have been added as new date range options within the Dashboard and Report Builder solutions. This will allow for complete customization when selecting Month to Month reporting.

Dashboard & Report Builder – New Vehicle Miles

Any existing and new Location Miles that have been manually entered or uploaded within the application, now flow to these projects and reporting and drilldown data will be available.


AIC offers continual complimentary user training, as well as unlimited support and assistance building custom Dashboards. We will be scheduling group webinar training sessions to cover all of the features and functionality, so be on the lookout for an email with dates and times!

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