AIC Enhancement – Now Available: Custom Fields on Additional Modules!

Applications International Corporation is proud to inform you that Custom Fields are now available on all Incident Modules within the General Details Main Tab. This is including the following Modules: Injury/Illness, Vehicle Incident, Other Incident, Near Miss, Complaints, NOV/Agency Visits, General Liability, Environmental Incidents, Fire Incidents, Spill Incidents, Property Damage Incidents as well as within the AIC Short Form. In addition to the Incident Management Suite, custom fields are also available to be added within the Location Input Form, Person Input Form, and Regulatory Compliance Input Form. When added, these fields will also be instantly available within the Report Builder – Case List Report for reporting off of these new custom fields as well!

As always, this new enhancement is available immediately in your application with no additional download needed. Interested in learning more about configuring and adding custom fields? Contact your support representative today to receive the custom fields template or schedule a complimentary one-on-one training session with your team.

One look at our demo will change the way you manage safety and compliance forever. Reach out today to schedule your custom demo or give us a call at (855) AIC – 6969.