AIC Enhancement – Complimentary Module: Global Notifications

global notifications AIC

AIC is excited to announce that we have just made the Global Notifications module available with One Global Platform at no additional cost! This module enables your team to distribute corporate wide Corrective/Preventative Actions (CAPA) to all assigned responsible persons based on organization level, location, or user-defined custom location groups. Your team can

  • Add unlimited custom action item types
  • Define each item’s priority
  • Set a due date for each action item
  • Track completion through automated escalation email notifications
  • View KPI visual dashboards with your action item data including responsible person, status, and completion rate.

In addition to sending corporate wide Corrective/Preventative Actions (CAPA), Global Notifications features an easy to use interface for sending custom system wide messages to all users, employees, supervisors, or a combination of these individuals.

AIC is proud to offer continual complimentary user training. If you have any questions about these new features or would like training on any additional topics, please send your request to the Support team and we would be happy to schedule a one-on-one session with you and your team.

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